Spiritual Counselling

To give you an idea of what spiritual counselling is? I thought that I would start from my own experience.


As part of my training to become an interfaith minister, I had to complete a spiritual counselling course, and to be honest, I was dreading it. I never had any therapy before and I thought to myself “I’ve been through so much in life and managed to get through it, I don’t need any counselling”.

My first session came and I thought, “I can’t wait until this is over”.  I sat at my computer and waited for my skype session to begin. It opened with lighting a candle, short meditation and a poem. I enjoyed that and felt very relaxed before the session started. And then the silence, it was my turn. At first I had nothing to say and we sat in silence for a while, which was fine. Then I was asked a question “What’s come up for you”, that was it, once I started I couldn’t stop, everything came up, things I’d even forgotten about. Yes I did cry a lot. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before, I was being heard. I was very tired afterwards, but I felt a huge release.

After a few sessions, I’d realized there was an ocean of emotion, things that I’d never said, that I’d held on to without knowing it,  this had affected everything in my life, my relationships, work and just being able to be happy. The realization that life is not meant to be one long struggle after the other was a huge release for me. I have to say it is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself.

Spiritual counselling is a safe space that is created for you to be really heard and  and to connect with your higher power, whatever that maybe, it could be to the God of your understanding, it could be to love, your connection with nature or all of the above. It’s a time to seek your truth and to heal so you can understand your blocks and let go of any pain that has been stopping your inner peace and growth.

If you feel that spiritual counseling is something that would benefit you, please feel free to contact me and we can go over it in further detail.

All sessions are completely confidential and are open to all.